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My concept proposes to create a technology inclusive workplace that is located on the urban fringe on the CBD to help ease the traffic congestion that we face in Johannesburg.

This traffic congestion is also an issue throughout the other major cities in South Africa and the concept is also adaptable to other locations with minor adjustments due to cultural differences between the different cities.

My aim is to address this issue using workplace design as the tool to create a model that allows employees, at any level in an organisation, to have a space that they could choose to work at during these high-volume traffic periods. With the inclusion of VR technology into these spaces, we can define the new role of the workplace and how people engage with the spaces that they work in.

Hassan has really highlighted the importance of innovative design for collaborative workspace in his MA Interior Design project. I am particularly impressed by his creative vision, which is boldly illustrated here in the visualisation of an open and vibrant interior space. In this design, Johannesburg’s contemporary mobile workforce can find unique areas within the building that compliment their daily workflow and boost their creativity.
Joe Lynch
Academic Leader, Interior Architecture and Design

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