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Heloise Evans is currently studying on the University of Hertfordshire accredited BA (Hons) Graphic Design course online with IDI. She chose IDI over other online providers for the fact that the focus of all the courses was on art and design:

“IDI appeared like a community to me because, although everyone was studying different subjects, everyone would have the same passion at heart. Some may question how this is possible, but through IDI forums I have honestly made a whole new friendship circle.”

So far, Heloise believes that this ability to interact with tutors and like-minded students from across the world has been one of the highlights of her studies:

“The tutors are always there to help, and there is no delay in their response. Similarly, so are my peers. A lot of my queries are answered by others in my peer group as they are in the same boat as me.”

Heloise has always had an interest in art and design, and at school she remembers that creative talent came naturally to her:

“Tutors would often remark on my eye for ‘precision’ and how I seemed to have an intuitive understanding of colour combinations.”

She began to enjoy design more as she progressed through her A-levels and her original idea of pursuing a career in marine biology was “soon thrown out the window”. She decided to look for a graphic design course online:

“It immediately became apparent that graphic design was where my passion lay. I was encouraged by others to study online, so I searched various websites and came across IDI. It wasn’t until I read about the course content and structure on the website that I actually considered getting a degree. Immediately after discovering what IDI offered, I was excited at the prospect of having found the perfect solution to everything I wanted; I could develop a career whilst gaining a qualification.

“I contacted the Admissions team who were incredibly helpful in sorting out my application, and here I am today, three semesters into my degree.”

Since enrolling with IDI, Heloise has been pleased at the manner in which the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course prepares students for a career in the industry:

“Already, I feel I am progressing not only in design but in the ability to be punctual, committed and responsible, to work in a team and use my initiative; all traits which employers find desirable.”

She feels that the course’s focus on industry relevant activities has also been of benefit to her practice:

“The aspect of the course I find most interesting is when I am set a design brief. I appreciate how the briefs are always relevant to the work I have learnt, yet they still allow me freedom to make them my own. This stretches the boundaries of my comfort zone and pushes me to create outcomes I wouldn’t normally approach. Every time I have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome and thankful I was encouraged to try something new.”

Heloise is grateful for the opportunity that online study has opened up to her so early in her career and is already thinking positively about the future:

“I can truthfully say I don’t know any other 20 year olds in such a great position as I am now, and that is thanks to the flexibility of studying online.

“In ten years’ time, I hope to be working within an enthusiastic graphic design team or in product design. I’d like to be working within an environment where there are always new challenges or projects to face; it makes it more exciting that way. I also hope that this career will involve some form of typography, as I am currently fascinated by the emotion it can present. Furthermore, I aspire to have my own family, living within a home full of beautifully crafted items inspired by the design work I have seen over the years.”

See more of Heloise’s designs on her website.