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Hesa Albinfalah

“The ‘Civilizations Museum’ is a concept of presenting five world civilizations located in Bahrain, spanning over an area of 37,000 m². The main feature is the five artificial islands which each represent a civilization or culture.

“The museum features an interior design inspired by traditional crafts, with a tribute to Bahraini culture comprising the following phases:

1. The traditional art of ‘Basket weaving’ inspires the design of the outdoor plaza.
2. The classic art of embroidery, known commonly as ‘Al Kurar’, inspires the lobby’s design.
3. The traditional art of ‘studded chest-making’ which inspires the restaurant’s interior design.
4. The concept of traditional courtyard houses which is incorporated in the gallery’s architecture and interior design.

“The project aims to encourage the revival of traditional Bahraini crafts within the design, and provide innovative concepts. It also aims to create greater awareness and appreciation for ethnic and international cultural diversity and arts.”