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Holly Warren is a multimedia artist and Atelierista (art studio teacher working with children aged 2 years old to 10 years old, working collaboratively on ideas brought by the children). Her artwork is dynamic, colourful and engaging. She works with watercolour, paper sculptures, digital photography and video installations. She often includes light in her work.

Her research in art and science, creativity seen as an instinct and mind wandering have become integral parts of her current work bringing her to create her most recent pieces.

Head in the Cloud, 2017, wants to be a symbolic interpretation of a cloud archive that can be ‘worn’. The action of walking into it and/or lying down to observe the collection of memories invites the viewer to experience time and memories in a playful way. The light effect wants to draw attention to bringing memories alight and evocating the moments when memories surface.

Blossoming Brains, 2016, the beauty of the ugly grey matter seen from a floral perspective, is expressed in this video installation. Inspired by the leaf pattern in hydrangeas so close to the convolutions of the brain. These images won the Neuro Bureau abstract art completion in 2017 and in 2018.

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