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Ivanka Zagorska

Photography Courses
IDI Featured: Social Awareness

Before commencing my studies, I was interested in fashion photography. However, during my degree, I realised my strengths lie in documentary and fine art photography. Whether I take portraits or explore social and environmental issues, my work reflects my search for significant meaning and a compelling story within a subject.

‘Revival’ is a documentary memoir influenced by the tragic loss of my mother due to cancer in 2017. However, this photographic series is not concerned with the severe consequences of the disease. Instead, the work shows a narrative of the positive outcome of the battle with cancer. Indistinguishable from a sense of unity, it provokes an awareness that would otherwise go unnoticed.

When faced by a life-threatening disease, we often forget what matters most – love and family. Embracing the struggle can allow us to evaluate these values in a new light.

The primary focus of this documentary memoir is the beauty, feminism and symbolism manifested through intimate, black and white portraits of the young cancer survivor, Loralie. Regardless, this is a story for everyone.

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