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Jacinta Moore

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Jacinta has just completed her first semester of the BA (Hons) Fine Art course from the University of Hertfordshire, delivered 100% online by IDI. We asked Jacinta if her studies so far were as she expected and if she is enjoying working online towards her dream of becoming a professional artist.

“For anybody who did not get the opportunity to continue their education after leaving school and really wants to pursue their passion whilst working or alongside family life, then IDI is certainly the best route to take.

“IDI has provided the pathway to achieve my goal of gaining a university degree in a subject I am passionate about. Through many practical, experimental and ‘learning by doing’ activities, IDI has increased my capability and skillsets as well as my knowledge of art. The supportive environment and tutors have also allowed me to explore my own creativity, while taking risks. Ultimately I hope that I will obtain a full-time career in art and design with my qualification.

“The variety of assignments provided in the first semester based on drawing, painting, photography, digital media and 3D making were engaging and educational. Prior to starting the course, I was not very familiar with art history or with writing essays to university standard, so I found the theory section somewhat challenging. Interestingly, I have found that with regular assignments and continuous tutor advice and feedback, I have now grown to enjoy this part.

“The first few months were really just ‘finding my feet’, but following the introductory forum assignment and many critiquing exercises I got to know other students well. The tutors were fantastic – I found both Paul and Dawn were very helpful, always accessible and they gave me excellent feedback.

“It has been quite a challenge to fit study into my life after many years away. However, once I got settled into my programme and prioritised a study plan, the online method simplified the journey and allowed me the flexibility to choose when and where to study – it’s up to the student to decide their own schedule!”

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