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Jack Johnson

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Design for Print

For my final major project, I have chosen the theme of ‘Zeitgeist’. I created a beer label that captures the spirit of the psychedelic 1960’s.

Many design concepts during the 60’s had inspired me such as psychedelia, pop-art and repeating patterns to create a refreshing take on beer label design. The Britdog beer label aims to be disruptive through its vibrant colour scheme and unique custom typography, and this makes it stand out against the competition.

Also included are the following works: #EndLoneliness Charity Campaign, Kabuki Japanese Theatre pack, ATYPI Poster design and various book designs I have created during my studies.

I’m looking forward to entering the workplace and becoming a professional Graphic Designer using the skill set I have gained during my studies. I will continue to challenge myself with creativity and to learn new techniques as I enter the graphic design profession.

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