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Jacky Hoi Hung Cheung travelled all the way from Hong Kong to be at the IDI Graduation Ceremony 2016. Along with his wife, Jacky joined us to not only celebrate his BA (Hons) Graphic Design award but also to receive the Achievement Award for his subject. We talked to Jacky about how he successfully managed to balance his studies with work, and the challenges of studying in his second language.

After Graduating, Jacky went on to become the Creative Director at Hong Kong based design agency Sharp Motion.

In 2018 Jacky was announced as one of the winners of the German Design Award in the category of Excellent Communications Design for his “Yun Tea” project.

Jacky’s Design Work

“The Final Major Project is a module in which I could really explore my own ideas further, in relation to how I’d like to progress within my practice. This is a great opportunity to develop really exciting work and refine my style and skills.

“‘Identity’ is the theme for my project. I’ve created a premium tea gift collection around the concept of the Chinese zodiac and horoscopes, promoting this cultural tradition through an innovative approach and contemporary tone of voice. It demonstrates my professionalism and confidence as a practitioner, showing my creative skills throughout the project development.

“The ritual of tea drinking in both eastern and western cultures has provided a wealth of research areas. It was also enlightening to explore the concept of ‘orientalism’ and ‘semiotics’ as a way to interpret my infographic and packaging design.”

Interview Transcript

Yes, hello, my name is Jacky and I studied Graphic Design at IDI in a part-time basis.

Where have you come from to be here today?

I come with my wife from Hong Kong to here, so it takes about 30 hours to here, and it takes several connecting flights to here.

What brings you to the graduation ceremony today?

Because I receive this degree award and I have got the achievement award so two awards and I’m so happy about that, of course I’m still quite nervous about that, so my wife come with me, to here, to celebrate this ceremony.

What made you chose to study online with IDI?

The most important concern I think is that it’s a part-time basis because I am running my design studio so I need to spare some time to study and also to fulfil my dream because after my diploma study I had no time to continue my degree study. So, after wanting a long time, I think that I would like to enrich my knowledge and I find that this part-time basis and distance learning is quite good, I can arrange my time as I wish.

What were the best moments?

The best moment, I think should be, I finished the job and handed in the project to the tutors. So there’s a release and then of course, receive the high marks is the most happiest thing.

What were the worst moments?

The most difficult part is, because English is not my native language, it’s my second language, so sometimes I have to write a message or you write a sentence, you have to think about it, the grammar is the worst thing, to make sure to make sure I’ve expressed what I am talking about. So, it was much more difficult than I design draw. But it’s interesting, it’s enjoyable.

What did you think of the student support?

It’s very easy and it’s very convenient. Their reaction time is really quite quick actually. I think that it’s not quite different when compared with the onsite learning or studying because actually they react to our questions or give us the feedback is with us and is effective in terms of the learning, so I think it’s quite good.

So, what’s next?

Take a rest. Take a rest. Maybe take further study but at this moment not decided.