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Without any previous experience, studying with IDI has enabled me to redefine my career direction. Each level was an exciting journey. Level 6 gave me the opportunity to write and illustrate three children’s picture books. It is this area I would most like to pursue.

I am passionate about illustration. Texture, colour and perspective fuel my world. I enjoy working with traditional materials and digital technology. I take inspiration from my experiences and environment.

For my final project I chose the theme of ‘metamorphosis’ and wrote and illustrated a children’s 32 page picture book regarding manners and use of appropriate language. I felt this subject worthy of scrutiny and would provide interesting discussions for an adult to have with a child. Gender is not defined in my narrative or illustrations.

I would like to thank my tutors for their invaluable guidance and support during my time spent with IDI.

Janice has used some of my favourite creative techniques to achieve her bold, playful characters. I particularly like the way in which the imagery and text have been cleverly combined – each page is a little work of art in its own right. These are exactly the types of books my little boy would love to look at, and that I’d love to read to him.
Rachel Riley
Head of Academic Quality

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