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I am a driven individual and translate my passion for interior design in my work. My intention for every project that I work in is to create the ultimate solution that satisfies the creative and artistic aspect while incorporating technology, sustainability and functionality in design. The images shared are a part of my academic journey and my achievements through the venture. Not only do I always aim for perfection, but also try to improve my work to achieve better results each time. My thirst for knowledge and excellence keeps me pushing forward and makes me determined to work harder with each project that comes my way.

The first few images show my design for an art exhibition that was created by renovating an existing structure, located in Kuwait. The design is inspired by one of the paintings of the artist, Miquel Barcelo, whose work is also displayed within the art exhibition area. The sushi restaurant interior seen was designed for The Artisan Food company by creating a design that translates the form of the fish in various ways within the space. To get a closer look behind the story, please watch SAKANA – sushi bar & restaurant design

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