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For my final project I created a series of posters for the 35th annual Chicago Latino Film Festival poster contest. I wanted my posters to reflect the rich heritage of Latino culture while also being representative of the city of Chicago and the film industry. This created an interesting challenge for me, but I believe I found the right balance of cultural identity, modern aesthetics and visual imagery in my poster designs.

Also included are a few more of my posters and work from my studies. I included my Beyond and Bedtime Manifesto posters, as well as a book cover I did for a re-imagining of the late great Stephen Hawking’s book “A Brief History of Time”. My Beyond poster was designed for an imaginary 1950’s science fiction expo in which I tried to incorporate the essence and style of old science fiction movies. My Bedtime Manifesto poster was made for an imaginary band that wanted to advertise an upcoming concert.

I am excited about my future as a graphic designer and I aim to always be improving and growing as I enter this creative profession.

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