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Jennifer Toolan

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Design for Print

Studying with IDI has expanded my technical skills, helped me define my style, and granted me a strong foundation in critical analysis and a deeper understanding of the history and social impact of design and illustration.

I blend hand-crafted and digital methods with sound design principles to create engaging and unexpected multimedia outcomes. My studies have focused on my professional goals and love of creating design and illustration for books, immersive exhibitions, and film props.

Accordingly, I am showing some of my cover designs and illustrations for several books, including a digital- and photography-based modern cover for A Midsummer Night’s Dream; traditional pen/ink/watercolor illustrations for a Baba Yaga folktale; and my final major project: hand-crafted papercut illustrations and a digitally-created papercut-style cover for Howl’s Moving Castle.

I have also included my package design for a Royal Opera House VIP gift box celebrating Kabuki theatre, featuring digital and watercolor illustrations with a hand-crafted box and souvenir items; and an immersive National Media Museum exhibit celebrating Spaghetti Western films, featuring digitally oil painted poster images and exhibit scenery.

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