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Jenny Yung

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Design for Screens

My final degree project is based on a self-negotiated brief following the theme of ‘identity’. The brief involves creating a brand identity for a fictitious fish and chip restaurant called The Beach Hut to be opened in Hongdae, South Korea. Hongdae is an area that is artistic and attracts students and tourists alike to its boutique shops, cafés and restaurants during the daytime and bars and clubs during the night. This area of Seoul has many themed cafés and restaurants, so the branding design for the fish and chip business had to be distinctive to set itself a part from its competitors.

The target audience of the restaurant are mainly students and people in their twenties, so it must have a youthful vibe and distinguish itself from existing fast food places. Researching the cafés and restaurants that are already established in Hongdae, I felt basing the theme on tropical beach huts and their locations would give me a unique identity design. I have created a logo design for The Beach Hut, a website and an app for my final major project.

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