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Jessy Kozoboyokian

MA Illustration (Visual Communication)
IDI Featured: Environmental Impact

I am a designer and an Illustrator that aims to find problem-solution with my artistic work, practising both graphic design and illustration as a hobby and within my professional work. My passion grows in every sketch and design I do. Aiming to learn more within this field and this programme helped me understand the hidden secrets and tips to become a well knowledge illustrator.

By pursuing my academic studies, I took a step forward to accomplish the required methods to fulfil the project’s outcomes. The concept of the project can be summarised in 2 words: sustainability and education.

This project was originally shaped to target a young audience by creating an awareness campaign towards the effects of the pollution and global warming. This campaign aims to change behaviours to encourage action that cares for the earth. The method of the campaign consist on series of posters and a specialised illustrative pop-up book. The publication project encourages interaction from children and young adults and is designed for use in schools and universities. The style of the posters go well with the format of the book. Both have an expanding perspective, eliminating the flat design style for printing and both maintain the identity of the project.

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