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Studying for my design degree with IDI has not only allowed me to understand the deeper constructs and meanings behind design, but it also allowed me to discover my own unique style. Minimalist and clean, my work often leans towards a more contemporary aesthetic.

Throughout all the briefs I have worked on, I found most enjoyment when it came to layouts, especially with editorial and exhibitions and displays.

I have included work from my final major project; collateral and design for an interactive exhibition held at the V&A Museum, which includes print and digital elements inspired by supermarket labels. Also included are editorial projects for Grazia magazine and The Mental Health Foundation, Spaghetti Western exhibition collateral, and a typographic illustration that highlights the dangers of the beauty obsessed.

Carrying out my studies over these last four years has been both challenging and rewarding, but I have learnt some incredible skills and techniques that I will take with me, which makes it all worthwhile.

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