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Within my work as a designer maker I love to combine crafting and computer based skills. I have always had a flair for making things by hand and at last count I have experience in 35 different crafts, so it brings me joy to utilise these skills in my graphic design work.

During my degree I have relished opportunities to experiment with paper cutting, digitising cut out or hand drawn motifs and lettering, and creating surface patterns and 3D items. I’m passionate about sustainability, so aim to make my work more responsible where possible.

I also include some of the work I am most proud to have completed as part of my degree. This includes a Japanese Kabuki inspired theatre pack featuring cut out illustrations, brush lettering and an app design, and an advertising campaign for a lager brand displaying hand drawn lettering and ‘millennial problems’.

I also include a self-promotional pack created using origami style folding, cut out flowers and pattern making and my final project of branding, designing labels and social media adverts for a new brand of kombucha drinks.

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