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The selected projects showcase my efforts to deploy the tools of graphic design when delivering a message. I would like to think that by creating meaningful designs we can really touch people’s lives and make a difference.

Whether it is about raising awareness of a condition or promoting an educational institute, it is all in pursuit of making the audience stop and think, smile or act – reacting to our message.

In every case, I aimed to present my ideas in a way that offers a new perspective on the given topic and push the boundaries of the medium they were created in.

It was important to set a strong base for each identity, with flexible qualities in order for it to work on multiple platforms for a range of audiences. Times are changing, so do markets: this requires brands to adapt even their established profile to meet the demands.

When creating any new identity or campaign I keep the fluidity of design in sight, aiming to avoid it becoming obsolete or out of context.

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