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My studies at IDI have helped me realise where my interests lie. I enjoy working on projects related to branding and packaging.

For my final major project, I chose the theme of identity. I decided to reinvent the identity of one of India’s leading luxury organic skincare brands called Forest Essentials.

Skincare products are widely used by everyone yet, there is a stark distinction in the packaging and marketing of these products. Based on the research for my thesis titled “the need for a gender neutral packaging design”, I identified that the packaging of skincare products targeted towards men was distinctly different from those targeted towards women. Both packaging designs used elements that were stereotypically “masculine” or “feminine”.

So, I took this opportunity and decided to reinvent the identity of Forest Essentials in a way that is gender inclusive by creating packaging that focuses on the functions of the product rather than the gender of the consumer.

I created a set of designs that make use of vintage illustrations but with a modern twist. These illustrations visually represent the feelings experienced while using the product.

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