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“For the Final Major Project, I have designed CLUB JL – a fashion and beauty subscription service for men – for John Lewis.

“I needed a solution that carried John Lewis’ values and worked for customers beyond the stores and main cities. The idea of subscription came naturally through my research on both target audience and current business trends. Subscriptions are personalised and modern – exactly what the brief was calling for, and the design is targeted at dynamic but quality-loving men in their early 20’s to early 30’s.

“In the name CLUB JL I have used ‘club’ to suggest a lifestyle to aspire to and a social aspect for the members. Using initials in the logo make it appear youthful, even when the overall
tone is traditional.

“Working on the Final Major Project was as rewarding as it was challenging, and I have produced work that is fully focused on the target audience and driven by research.”