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My studies have been a visual journey to find the kind of designer and illustrator that I wanted to be. My love for working in watercolour and ink has now expanded to vectors and digital design.

I feel I am able to offer my clients solutions that fit with their briefs supported by strong rationales and engaging outcomes.

I am particularly proud of the rebranding of Al-Nassma (the Breeze in Arabic) chocolate packaging, that is based on the theme of ‘fragmentation’. I have visually recreated the soft breeze over the desert sands while updating the product to enter a competitive UK market for premium, point of origin chocolates.

Studying full-time whilst running a family and moving country has been a challenge, however I have learnt about and applied design theories in ways I would not have otherwise done had I not undertaken this degree, and I am now looking forward to using my new knowledge for my client work.

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