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Khaled Bayoumy

MA Interior Design
IDI Featured: Social Awareness

Inspired by the shipping container modular ISO dimensions and DIY screwless structure and furniture as my core design guidelines, I created transportable and easily deploy-able modular homes for refugees and disaster survivors.

With an intention to develop the internal container space into habitable and portable homes, I decided to choose the 40ft High Cube container dimensions, which provides the highest ceiling level for the internal space – while not forgetting ceiling, flooring insulations and other finishes, which may decrease the final space interior height.

Respecting The ISO Dimension is providing the design with flexibility, transportability, modularity and fast deployment.

Additionally, the DIY experience enhances the user interaction and participation in building their own homes while minimizing the cost of deployment by eliminating the need for skilled workers.

Finally, granting the users a flexible system to build their home the way they prefer prevents any negative emotions that may arise from enforcing a living inside identical cubes.

Khaled has approached the housing crisis of refugees and disaster survivors with creativity, practicality, and empathy. What a timely and considered design. I hope to see this concept made into reality!
Laura Kwiatkowski
Programme Coordinator

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