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Kiran Khan

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Adobe Achievement Award Semi-finalist
IDI Featured: Design for Screens

The aim of this project was to provide a solution and raise awareness about the importance of sleep. I proposed a viable solution which will promote behaviour change and educate audience. Throughout the development process I have gained new skills and an innovative product with a user-friendly interface, colours, typography and modern layout has been used in order to ensure this appeal to the target audience.

I’ve been always passionate about User Interface design and digital design for a while. Most of my IDI activities have revolved mobile UI/UX design and I would very much like to continue with UI/ UX design. I am grateful to my tutors, peers for supporting me and helping guide me through this creative journey.

The self-promotion project has been very exciting and challenging experience. I had no prior experience with the packaging and die-line technique. The most challenging and rewarding aspect for this particular project was to create my personal brand identity while keeping the consistency and uniformity for print and web. I have learned a lot and improved my skills in response to this brief and I believe my final piece of work; both print and web are very effective and professional.

The self-negotiated proposal has been developed after an in-depth research of best practice in UI/UX design. A thorough research, brainstorming and exploring inspiring UI designs and testing different kind of web and mobile apps. The main aim of chosen negotiated proposal was to bring awareness and provide safety solution through mobile app. An app with stress signal feature and an ‘awareness’ campaign for emergency situations.

In response to RSA Brief ‘Beyond Borders’, I proposed a community based campaign that helps bringing people together. A community based mobile app, targeted specifically for people beyond borders, that allows immigrants and refugees to share their personal true stories.

The ISTD competition brief by ‘Editions At Play’ was to visually interpret a chapter from a banned book as a digital dynamic book. The key component of this brief was to bring a story, and words into the digital realm with digital capabilities such as animation and sound. My idea was to execute typography, the way that the words are expressive of human emotions and behaviours, such as wobbling, shouting or shaking. The final piece revolves around colourful digital water-colour brush painting and dynamic typography as dynamic web application.

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