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Kumeshni Sandrasagren

MA Interior Design
IDI Featured: 3D Design

As an Interior Architect, my attention is particularly focused on creating spatial comfort, functional design and technical solutions within interiors. The art of this career allows my creativity to flow and to make far-fledged ideas come true. The physical world is a powerful resource to us including the intangible. Through some tough challenges, I have had some unique experiences that taught me valuable lessons. The struggle is real so master your mind, the design should be the priority, first and foremost.

My thesis revolved around the application of Sensory Design in a school library for abled and disabled children. The concept included exploring human senses and their responses to spatial constructs and interconnected topics such as interiority, exteriority and human centered-design. For my practice, I choose to redesign an existing space on the island of Mauritius. The two storey building’s interiors are splashed in bright colors, and suited for livening the imagination of young readers.

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