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Laura Lucia Serrano Bernal

MA Illustration (Visual Communication)
IDI Featured: Social Awareness

I am a visual artist and professor. As an artist, I have had the opportunity to work in different industries, as well as, independent artist. I believe in the power of image and in art as a channel of social transformation. I am very aware of the social commitment and responsibility that I have as a future illustrator.

INVISIBLES is the project that I started to develop for my MA, it aims to create inclusive visual and tactile images about a selection of endangered animals from Colombia, to explore the possibility of generating an enjoyable experience in the user that may lead to develop a sense of identity, belonging, and awareness about our wildlife. It also is an inclusive project, as some content has been developed for the visually impaired, as well as, the sighted, and in a later stage, the digital content will be downloadable. Therefore, it would be accessible by anyone with an internet connection, and also, it would be easy to reproduce, as each user could download files, print them, create the pieces, and use them as desired, for educational, entertainment, decorative, or any other non-commercial purpose.

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