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Lisa-Marie Christopher

Fine Art Courses

By having an absolute interdisciplinary approach to the portfolio, the variation allowed within it is naturally embedded. Changeable and ongoing themes become rooted in the growth of the portfolio, which also has an autobiographical narrative. All works spur from my own life influences. There is also an air of dealing with the variant facets of human emotion. Ultimately these are all universally felt, regardless of the capacity they come in.

Topics such as the complexities surrounding love, to a more spiritual undertone and the importance of maintaining relationships will allow this continued growth, and hopefully allow the portfolio to remain current.

By combining and revisiting more traditional techniques of making like various ways of printmaking, drawing, painting, colour theory, sculptural from and on occasion interaction with objects and installations, ensures that this growth and variation to the portfolio can continue. As well as these traditional techniques, at times an abstract and figurative ways of working also emerges.

‘Catch the Rainbow’ is an interactive light installation for children where they are encouraged to literally “Catch the Rainbow”. As a child I would go for drives with my mum and we would see many rainbows. You can see photographs of my attempt at actually catching this elusive rainbow and four stills from the installation.

Next, ‘Colour and Light No. 1’ explores the uses of shape, from and assemblage the combinations of coloured glass and coloured light are the essence of this sculpture. With the addition of this piece allowing to be site specific, the potential to expand and grow it takes flight.

In the ninth image, I show my project ‘Letting in the Rainbow No. 2’. To continue with this spiritual element and growth people can experience through life is shown here through a combination of monotype and photo-screen printing, with stencils, drawing ink and graphite. Although a rainbow can never pass through a person, the enlightenment as allowed from spiritual growth is the message here, where to be open to this impasse as otherwise perhaps not allowed by life.

And finally, I include from the ‘Yellow in the Achieving Freedom Series’ one of three acrylic paintings with colour pencil and chalk in which this spiritual feeling of achieving freedom in whichever capacity from life is sought and actually achieved. Whether this be freedom from physical constraints of life i.e.- mortgages, responsibility, to a freer state of mind.

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