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Lotte Varcoe

Photography Courses
IDI Featured: Environmental Impact

My name is Lotte and I am currently based in Newcastle in the UK. Growing up, I always loved taking photographs and when I found the IDI course, I instantly knew that this was the course for me.

I specialise in editorial photography and my main themes include interior design, architecture and portraits. I come from a very international background, born in London, raised in Budapest and educated in a French school. I feel that this has played a big part in my interest in different cultures, and this manifests itself through my work. Studying with IDI has completely changed who I am by allowing me to discover and explore my interests and creativity. 

The work I am presenting is a selection of images taken throughout my four years of study. I have chosen to do this to give the viewers a sense of my journey with IDI. Thus, the images are in chronological order with the last three images forming part of my degree project.

My final project focused on the issue of consumerism and plastic pollution. I felt it was appropriate to delve into this contemporary and  mass-discussed topic and share my point of view.  

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