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Luke MacGregor-Dignan

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Luke MacGregor-Dignan studied online with IDI towards a BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree. Luke was not only a student speaker at the 2017 ceremony, but also designed the look for the 2016 graduation programme.

Luke joined us at the IDI Graduation 2017 to celebrate completing his degree. He talked to us about how he changed paths from finance to design as well as his excitement of receiving his results and visiting Edinburgh for the ceremony.

Interview Transcript

Where have you come from to be here today?

From Birmingham with my wife, my parents have come up today as well.

What brings you to the Graduation Ceremony today?

It is the climax to the studying, the build-up throughout and this is that final moment to celebrate it. It’s great. I’m up here for the weekend so…

What made you choose to study online with IDI?

It was necessary really for me, I’d already started working in finance and set the career path in accountancy but realised that wasn’t really the direction I wanted to go. I figured I couldn’t do a complete swap over to another traditional university so IDI really filled the gap for me and made it possible.

What were the highlights of your studies with IDI?

Today. Definitely. I guess throughout it was receiving results that was the highlights. There wasn’t so many peaks and troughs throughout as I thought there would be, more of a steady, grinding, painstaking studying, sleep deprivation and then that result when you get finished the module is great, that’s another one ticked off and satisfied with the feedback and building each time. I wouldn’t say it was one particular moment which was…

Were there any struggles along the way?

There was never a moment when I thought I couldn’t do it. I always had support from my tutors and other students, it was great, the community was great.

How have you developed as a designer during your studies?

I guess when I look at the work I’ve done now and what I did before, it’s completely different. Really progressed. I feel I actually learned more from the time spent discussing with tutors and students than actually the work set me if that makes sense. The time spent to explore, I know it’s built into the course but I was surprised how much I got back for myself when I pushed following their advice. Where I would have thought, okay that’s, I’ve surprised myself, and then if you pushed even further and it was great.

So, what’s next?

Now, it’s a side step into the industry. Speak to a few contacts and working out where I want to head, where I want to specialise. It just seems a big open world now to go and explore.

Was studying online what you expected?

Initially, it was really lonely and isolated, but actually because of the community created from the forums and the tutors, it does make you feel part of something bigger and everyone working towards the same thing as well the same end goal. Even though you’re working on separate projects you’ve all got that same end point in mind. It was a real group effort, a group feel to it.

Would you recommend studying with IDI?

Yes. If you have family or working full time and you can’t sacrifice certain parts of your life or give up other elements and you need something to come in and fill those gaps then this is the way to do it definitely.