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Madjoleen Faraj

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Design for Screens

Studying at the Interactive Design Institute made me aware of the right steps to design a project that meets the requirements of the brief along with conveying the needed message in an innovative and unique concept.

In the Final Project, I choose Microsoft Surface brief which requires producing a film about 1-2 minutes to convey a message of the infinity of creative life. It expects to engage with the audience and inspire them by showing how Microsoft believe in their abilities.

For creating the video, I used the watercolours and the whiteboard method, and they are rare to combine. The idea is to inspire creative people and focus on their dreams by showing examples of inventive people in the world. The outcome plays on the target audience emotions in a way to motivate them and makes them stick to their dreams and creative ideas using Surface to be their loyal companion.

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