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Mandy is studying on the Foundation Diploma (Art, Design and Media) online with IDI. We spoke to her to find out more about her experiences on the course and if she is planning to use her qualification to carry on to a BA (Hons) study.

“Following many changes and experiences, I came to a point in my life where I was settled in my part-time job in a university library and I’d reached the age of fifty. I decided it was time to explore my creativity! The Foundation Diploma seemed ideal. I chose a course online as I felt it would fit in with my lifestyle as I have family and work commitments. I chose IDI particularly as I liked the idea that a group of us would start the diploma together; that we would have our own studios for work and that we would have regular contact with our tutors and fellow students.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies so far. I was very nervous initially as I was unsure of how the course would work but the way the modules are organised is very clear and inspiring, and the progress of development through each module is well paced.

“My tutor has been superb. I feel comfortable asking a multitude of questions and her comments on my work or work in progress are always constructive and positive. I also like the way she encourages me to pursue new areas or guides me to improve a piece of work, a skill that can’t be easy when working entirely online.

“I found the Forum interaction with fellow students interesting. However, time restraints on all of our parts limited the time that we could go on the Forum to discuss work, and sometimes we just left a quick message to check that all was well.

“I also really enjoyed exploring and experimenting with media that I haven’t worked with before, and so widening my choices for creating works of art. I also found the activities fun and full of useful ideas and techniques which can be applied to future work.

“I would like to say that after one semester with IDI I already feel my style of work changing and loosening up, and my creativity developing. The course work is addictive in the way it helps you grow as an artist and even though I was desperate for a rest at the end of the first term, I also wanted to do more.

“IDI offers excellent online services and a well-structured and interesting curriculum supporting the Foundation Diploma. If you are thinking about taking a course with IDI, you need to be confident using the internet and uploading edited photos, have access to different media, be organised, be prepared to try new things, have time for reading and most importantly love art!”

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