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IDI has helped me take my marketing & branding background and refine it. The process of questioning, researching and reflecting has helped me find my unique character within the identity design universe.

My first project is the branding of the 2019 Chicago Film Festival. I chose illustration in a sort of “Where is Wally” style to communicate this vibrant festival. My second is the branding of Chinense’s Freaky Like Dat’s Hot sauce. I wanted to help the brand to find their voice through a fun brand story which is on each product and a vintage identity look, which derives from the Inca.

My third is my self identity. I wanted to communicate my personality through a comic story I created and branding and packaging in the style of a superhero comics, but with my own twist on it. Lastly is the branding of PROFU – a protein snack brand with the unique goal of bridging the gap between fitness and everyday snacks. In order to achieve this, I chose to create a individual background story and stylised the packaging with a Sputnik Soviet theme.

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