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Martin Lewis-Enright

BA (Hons) Illustration

My contribution to the IDI Graduate Show consists of two projects. First, The Penguin Random House UK Student Design Award 2018 brief, calling for a book cover design for George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and, second, my graphic comic “Hit the Ground” inspired by Sonny Bono’s song “Bang Bang”. The story features the ups and downs of two people who grow up together and fall in love.

My design approach involves an extensive Research phase to guide the project and a colourful development stage of experimentation. I favour a blend of traditional tools such as pencil and ink with post-editing in digital media. Regular feedback from my peers and tutor further influenced the featured outcomes.

My studies at IDI have established a solid foundation from which I can continue the exploration and learning essential to my practice. In addition, my studies helped me develop a reliable and adaptable approach to future undertakings.

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