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May Hpoo Lei Kyaw

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
IDI Featured: 3D Design

I am May Hpoo, a passionate interior designer from Yangon, Myanmar. Some key words to describe me are dedicated, flexible and adventurous. I am interested in designing spaces that has positive impact on the physical and mental health and well-being of the users.

I focus on designing spaces that are not only functional and aesthetic but also comfortable. I also get inspirations from the location and environment to design the space that has its unique personality.

The existing old building is augmented and turned into an art gallery which will be utilised as a space to display art and also as multi-functional space where visitors can experience many activities. The gallery will house permanent and temporary gallery spaces, restaurant, tea-house, roof-top bar, retail shop, auditorium and workshops.

The goal is to design a gallery that is not only a place to explore the art but also a getaway place for visitors. The idea is to exude freshness, positive energy and contribute better environment while functioning as a place where art, nature and people interact.

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