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Melica Everitt

MA Interior Design

My Final Major Project is a restoration project that explores the process and methods of creating a design that stands out and offers design solutions relevant to the brand and the purpose. My Graduate Degree Show images show the process of reaching the design solution and examples of the interior designs. The exhibition is as follows:

W H Y : Monotonous design solutions which do not give a brand required competitive advantage.

W H O : Developing a personal tool (Creative Process / Client Journey) to exercise (Interdisciplinary Collaboration), in order to draw out a personal aesthetic (Restoration Design) that is informed/refined by a brands identity.

W H A T : Finding the balance and following the natural progression of process.

H O W : Verification and clarity gained through the perspectives of different research methods and sources. Combining contrasting methods of approach (i.e. Slow Manufacture) and personally testing the information gained to turn into knowledge and eventually develop a design elements. Honouring the historical origin and the evolution that comes with time. Communicating in layers allowing the process of development to become simplistically visual.

W H E R E : An Interior Design Studio (Corporate Space) – Focusing on the Back of House hero theme Interdisciplinary Collaboration, and supporting themes Restoration Design and Client Journey/ Creative process. This visual aesthetic of the spaces form the thread that weaves the spaces together.

‘Look and Feel 1’: Process areas (2D room, 3D room, Site office/Reference area and Exhibition Room) – simple and act as a background to the process.

‘Look and Feel 2’: Admin Area (Consultation room, Meeting room, Creative Director Room) – incorporated works of other designers influenced by their trade and have a more homely feel.

‘Look and Feel 3’: Transitional Areas that play between FOH and BOH ( Open work space and Staff Pause) – merged the simplicity of the process areas with the FOH aesthetic, creating a connection in a more understated manner.

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