COVID-19 update: All online teaching and learning is proceeding as normal

“IDI delivered high quality training in design, and I had a wonderful study experience on their course. I greatly appreciate the constant encouragement and support of my tutors in helping me succeed as a professional. I involved myself in comprehensive study in order to continuously improve during the course. It really helped me to enhance my knowledge, confidence and skills, and to express my creativity and present my own style – preparing me for a successful career in the creative industries.

“During the process of the final major project my strategy focused on materials, multifunctional uses, innovation, creative printing finishes, quality, storytelling and originality. I took an overall creative approach to production and print solution techniques, with the application of semiotics on luxury alcohol packaging to communicate brand value. I have mixed hand and computer generated visuals to make observations and develop my ideas. This helped me improve my software development skills. The freedom of design and knowledge of production methods I have gained from the course allowed me to design with intelligence.”