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Mia Shappée

MA Graphic Communication
IDI Featured: Social Awareness

Professionally, I have been involved in some aspect of design for about 20 years. From stage craft, to commercial design, to communication direction.

My strongest passion lies in critical and cultural studies, awareness and education projects. This most often takes form through design talks accompanied by visuals that have been crafted through robust research methodologies and divergent experimentation. During my exploration, I visually transform bits and pieces of materials and information into new experiments until the outcome visually communicates before the mind a series of puns, and metaphors that challenge the intellect and enchant the eye.

For the degree show, I have chosen a few spreads from Rant and Rage, an awareness project in the form of an underground zine I began during my Master’s studies and will continue to self-publish. The photo montage approach for the third issue supports counter-cultural movements such as Punk, Pop Art and Dada as a visual response to advertising tactics through capitalism.

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