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“As a designer I have always been fascinated with natural forms and shapes, and the combinations in which they exist in nature. I draw continuous inspiration from the natural forms found in nature, using them within my design work.

“The inspiration for my final project originated from the multi-faceted and tessellated surfaces found on natural ice bergs. These mainly triangular elements were incorporated in the exterior facade design, as well as for architectural highlights in the interior spaces.

“Vertical tessellated cladded wall panels created dramatic backdrops to key customer-facing areas, such as the reception & ticketing desks, against walls along generic internal passage ways and, finally, to enhance the visual aesthetic of structural columns with cladded tessellated surfaces.

“The interplay of focused lights and various angles of surfaces resulted in an interesting visual language, reflective of what can be found in nature.

“I am proud to present my work for this final exhibition and am delighted that I have reached a professional level in Interior and Architectural Design.”