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Myriam Garcia Fernandez

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

“ExpatWise is a self-initiated project that has been developed after an in-depth research of current best practice in graphic design, and design of mobile apps in particular.

“The goal was to explore how the effective use of graphic communication and digital devices can help young expatriates and students in their adaptation to a new country. Current problems and new insights at the forefront of the discipline have been identified and analysed, including debates, ethics, current trends and innovation.

“The outcome is a mobile app, designed for expatriates, including (but not exclusive to) Millennials, who usually travel and use digital devices, as well as students studying abroad.

“Current techniques and processes relevant to my practice were explored, such as design and prototyping tools, and user-centred design. The app was designed and presented using Adobe Experience Design, Photoshop, Illustrator and InVision.

“My work was discussed with the tutor and peers, who provided an insightful feedback that helped in the development phase.”