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Throughout my studies with IDI, I deepened my interest for graphic design and learned about the importance of gathering research, and gained valuable practice and experience in idea generation and development. I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone with each project I executed and as a result I was able to develop some new skills.

The showcased projects have allowed me to experiment within different areas of graphic design, which include typography, illustration, digital, print and hand crafted design, to just name a few.

For my Final Major project, I decided to enter a competition for Labelicious. The brief asked entrants to create the entire identity for Licious, a new beverage brand. I mostly took inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s portraits, including his pencil drawings and some of his more abstract work.

The other projects included are: the Kabuki Japanese Theatre Pack and a self-initiated project called Celebration of Life inspired by the Filipino culture, which includes a card deck and a funeral programme.

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