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While I usually work in portrait photography, I have been focusing mainly on architectural photography for my BA module projects. For my major project I decided to approach the subject of architectural photography from a more artistic angle, with a fine art idea and personal story to tell in mind. In the fall of 2016 I left my home behind and took my camera on a trip across the globe. What followed was a journey of self-discovery, artistic freedom and pure wanderlust that lead me to my new home in New Zealand.

Reflections of a Journey illustrates this process and combines images taken throughout the journey spanning 18 months and 9 countries with architectural photographs putting my emotional state at certain times of my trip in a physical form.

The results are 18 very personal multimedia artworks full of memories and lessons reflecting on this journey across the globe in photographic form.

Fantastic use of colour, texture and pattern in these wonderful, bold, geometric images. A pleasure to look through.
Arlene Stewart
Founding Director

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