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Paula Wiśniewska

BA (Hons) Illustration
IDI Featured: Design for Print

I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in Poland. I specialise in game illustration, publishing illustration and promotional graphics for marketing industry. I successfully run my own company, working with a number of clients with different briefs.

My work focuses mostly on digital creation, but I also enjoy working traditionally, especially with watercolours, pencils and ink. I enjoy working with vibrant and vivid colours, exploring the palettes and connections, and creating story-telling composition.

The work presented here has been created during my studies. I have explored the briefs from publishing, marketing and campaigns.

I have experimented with children publishing brief (The Macmillan’s Prize competition), young adults publishing brief (Major Project, Witch’s Calendar), competition brief for AOI Prize and Negotiated Brief (Contagion Theme) focusing on immunisation awareness campaign poster.

I have been working with variety of media from traditional pencils and watercolours to digital painting and vector illustration.

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