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Pim Preston

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Design for Print

My passion for design began in high school when I took the role of managing editor of both the school’s newspaper and yearbook. I was fascinated by seeing the role of design in creating information and aiding communication in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing way.

During my studies with IDI, I developed a connection with creating strong brand identities as well as product packaging. I believe that an effective piece of design must be timeless, memorable, and well targeted to its market.

For my final project, I focused on creating a beauty subscription box for women, offering personalised skincare and health products tailored to their individual needs. The design is elegant yet refreshing, creating an elevated experience as they receive their box each month in the mail.

My personal design style aims to look at briefs from various different angles, considering aspects that will allow for an effective and unique design. I use a minimalistic yet fun and bold approach to create designs that are captivating and memorable.

Loving a good gradient it was impossible for me not to fall in love with Pim’s delicate designs. The vibrant colours and expert handling of font in her personal branding is spot on and the monochrome/red combination used in both the Animal Farm cover and Chilli Mango branding is simplistic yet visually delightful. Beautiful illustrations and overall a perfectly formed body of design work!
Molly Wilson
Graphic Designer, IDI

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