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As a graphic designer, I believe in making a difference while using the power of design to deliver the right message through socially responsible practices that will take our society into a healthier future.

My study with IDI allowed me to develop my interest, improve my practice and learn new knowledge in sustainable packaging design, visual communication, photography and advertising design. Each project phase was challenging yet rewarding, but this has strengthened my confidence to deal with more complex projects in my future career.

My MA work showcase an innovative promotional campaign for Ravior (a Mauritian jewellery store) with the aim to make the brand gain higher visibility, perception and desirability as a ‘Sustainable Jewellery Brand’ that cares for its environment, society and people. The project targets female demographics through offline and online communication channels and persuades them to shop from a 100% local and ethical brand. During, I deeply engaged myself in producing a series of eco-friendly and uniquely customised jewellery packaging from raw bamboo material which I then photographed and used for the execution of the final campaign.

The selected design outcomes demonstrate my creative flair and technical skills towards multiple disciplines with an advanced level of creativity and originality.

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