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“The series, ‘Shifting Landscapes’, features urban landscapes reflecting the problem of urbanization and urban encroachment. The aim of this work is to examine and explore the relationship between the natural environment and manmade buildings, showing how cities are growing on an immense scale alongside the natural environment.

“The images are in black and white because this places more emphasis on the impact that man is having on nature: drawing life out of the environment, and draining it of its once-rich resources. Our continuous need to develop and grow for business purposes has pressurized and pushed the environment to its limits, where it can no longer cope.

“There is no other way to expand except upwards, which has resulted in numerous high-rise buildings that dominate the fragile landscape. Man seems to exert power over nature – however, it’s ultimately nature which has hidden power, as natural disasters destroy man-made structure within a matter of seconds. Although they co-exist, there seems to be an on-going battle between the two.”