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“My project is a social park design in the heart of Beirut. The project relies on the importance of urban parks as a source of social activities and interaction, and their importance for improving people’s social status.

“Social media and being engaged with new communication technologies has made all people become anti-social. We are losing face-to-face communication abilities to what is called “social” media, but doesn’t actually do much that is social. Therefore, the aim of my project is to improve social life in applying new designs, ideas and objectives that encourage people to interact with each other – to develop their social status so they can be involved in sharing life.

“The framework covers studies about spatial psychology, social activities and convivial design based on the concept of conviviality and humanity’s well-being. I have picked ‘Nature’ as a theme for my project, and I have utilised venation shapes in the design because it reflects how relationships grow and become stronger with time, just like the development of a leaf’s venation network.”