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Multi-disciplinary designer Rebecca Halpern studied online with IDI towards a BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree. She joined us at Assembly Hall to celebrate the culmination of all of the many hours in work that has been put into her achieving her degree.

Rebecca joined us at the IDI Graduation 2017 to celebrate completing her degree. She talked to us about her eagerness to find a course for her love of graphic design as well as juggling her coursework with teaching in two schools.

Rebecca’s Design Work

“My studies at IDI have helped me develop into a competent multi-disciplinary designer with an interest in identity, branding and campaign design. I create innovative solutions built upon thorough research and exploratory development.

“The projects I have selected for the Degree Show serve to demonstrate my creativity, versatility, and ability to work to a professional standard.

“My Final Project uses the theme ‘Identity’ to raise awareness about autism. It breaks down stereotypes and misconceptions in a sensitive and informative manner. Avoiding the much discussed topic of sensory sensitivities, it focuses on the unique identity of the individual, regardless of their diagnosis. The cohesive set of outcomes addresses the target audience in a warm and friendly manner to create awareness through a comprehensive visual experience.

“I am proud of my portfolio projects and am indebted to the staff of IDI who have helped shape me into the designer I am today.”

Interview Transcript

Where have you come from to be here today?

From Manchester. My father and my sister. My mother would love to be here but she had to travel for family reasons abroad so…

What brings you to the Graduation Ceremony today?

I feel like it’s important to celebrate the culmination of all the hours of work and input and years so I think it’s a really big day.

What made you choose to study online with IDI?

Initially, I took a couple of small courses in Graphic Design just to see if it was something I was into, something that I liked as I’m quite artistic and I love computers and then as soon as I liked it I thought I have to do, get a proper degree and when I was doing some research online and IDI had the best reviews and they just seemed the easiest to talk to every time I phoned up, it wasn’t an issue, nothing was ever an issue, they answered all my millions of questions and it just seemed like the most supportive and welcoming community to be part of.

What were the highlights of your studies with IDI?

I think the contact with the tutor, the support from the tutor support and all the staff around besides the tutors, everyone was always available to help, and also, being able to hold down a job, being able to work and study at the same time, I feel like I’ve really grown as a person from it.

Were there any struggles along the way?

It’s been a lot of work. I started teaching in another school last year so teaching in two schools and doing my final year of university was, it was incredible pressure, but, there was minimal amount of sleep but IDI, everyone helped me so much. I did have a few personal wobbles when I had a creative block but we worked through them and we got there.

How have you developed as a designer during your studies?

I’m definitely a different person from when I came in. I came in having a very, a very certain style, a very specific style, and I’ve come out, I’ve pushed myself every module, I took it upon myself to push myself a bit further and the tutors really, really encourage you to step outside your box to try and try and try this and try that and it really changes you as a designer. The knowledge that I have learned has also really, really helped me evolve.

So, what’s next?

Next is just a little bit of breathing, but I think I’m looking to do my Master’s. If I’m doing my Master’s it’s going to be with IDI.

Was studying online what you expected?

I did have some expectations but it was better. The forum platforms I never thought I would have and I benefited from them hugely and I didn’t think the tutors would be so on it the whole time.

Would you recommend studying with IDI?

I would most definitely recommend online learning to other students especially IDI