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Studying with IDI has brought me back to the grass roots of graphic design. After being in industry for years, specialising in packaging, it has been reassuring that I am still competent in other areas of design.

The projects have been really challenging and the outcomes showcase my capabilities as a designer. They have also helped to diversify my portfolio. I look forward to future challenges and continually developing my skills.

My final major project is based on the theme ‘Identity’. It is a social awareness campaign that helps to build support and recognition for the murdered and missing Indigenous women of Canada.

This sensitive topic has challenged the breaking down of stereotyping and creating an emotional and personal connection to the women who have become a number in a database. This entire project really pushed me out of my comfort zone, from topic to emotion to design outcomes.

The use of colours along with the typography compliment each other nicely. The posters especially stood out both aesthetically and with their message. The #getslang campaign was especially clever. The rubber section was hilarious. The combination of clever word play and clean, slick design makes each of these designs very successful.
Ross Salter
Graphic Design and Videographer

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