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Robert McColl

Photography Courses

After more than 10 years in the information technology sector, and currently working as a business analyst, Rob McColl came to the decision that he wanted to pursue his interest in photography by studying towards a degree. However, with the time commitment required by his job, he quickly ruled out an attendance-based course as an option that was open to him:

“I have completed a science degree at university and from my past experience I would not have chosen to attend a university again; it does not fit in with modern life.”

After online study with the Interactive Design Institute (IDI) was recommended by a family member who worked there, Rob did some thorough research into the photography courses on offer and was reassured by his findings:

“I found so many positive reviews and experiences that had been posted online. In my professional capacity as a business analyst, I come across a lot of educational institutions, some of them online, who do not measure up to the interface and reviews I saw about IDI.” Rob decided to apply to study part-time, allowing him to fit his studies around his job. Now a student on the BA (Hons) Photography course, accredited by the University of Hertfordshire and delivered online with IDI, he is thoroughly enjoying the fact that he can manage his own timetable:

“I can access everything I need from home or my local coffee shop, giving me the freedom to fit study in with my work/ life commitments. No travelling time is also a big bonus.”

At IDI we believe that students studying online require more support not less and our industry expert tutors provide individual tuition to every student. Rob has found this aspect of studying with IDI to be one of the highlights so far:

“When I attended university, I had nowhere near the interaction I have with my IDI tutors, or the same quality. The tutors clearly are professionals with relevant experience, this shines through and taking their advice leads to more effective and productive outcomes. It has been a privilege to interact with these guys.”

Rob has found that the high level of tuition has helped him to advance his own professional photography practice:

“The course forces you to be very organised, and pushes you to achieve more and more with the resources you have available. It also encourages you to go out there and get other people involved in helping you to achieve your goals; co-operation with others is a big part of the process. It is objective based learning requiring focus.”

Looking to the future, Rob now believes he is in a strong position to continue into a professional career as a photographer on completion of the course, and has already started with some valuable work experience:

“The IDI course has increased my aspirations which I am now confident I will achieve. I have already participated in commercial shoots in professional studios in London. I would not have even considered approaching a professional studio and commercial photographers without the course driving me forward. I now see no limit to what I can achieve.”

For any students considering studying photography online, Rob says he would recommend IDI to provide them with everything they’re looking for from online study:

“Ensure you pick the right course, then throw yourself into it. You can rely on IDI to provide you with excellent support and guidance. It is a leap of faith, but one worth taking.”