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The non-profit organisation Schloss Herdern is a social institution in Switzerland that offers subsidised jobs for socially underprivileged people. Their clients work in production of fine foods and food services that now require a new promotional strategy.

The new parent brand that has been created to launch these products and services on the market is called Genuss (engl.: enjoyment). It stands for
regional and organic fine foods that are handmade by socially marginalised people. These values are reflected in the brand design: the brandmarks
have been created with lino-cut prints and the logotype continuous the handmade character of the brand.

The Genuss brand functions as a parent that unites four sub-brands of Schloss Herdern’s food sector: Laden (engl: Store), Apéro (Catering), Vertrieb Retail) and Erlebnis (Tour of Operations).

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