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Sebastian Albert

MA Photography (Visual Communication)
IDI Featured: 3D Design

The photographic medium has wandered between illusion and the claim of authentic replication of reality since the beginning of the photographic technique. At the age of 15, I discovered my interest in photography and began my study of photography. Today, I am a freelance photographer, visual storyteller, work at FOTOHOF and expand my knowledge thanks to IDI’s MA Photography course. During my studies, I realised that I felt drawn to a topographical way of working and that I wanted to experiment with new formats and possibilities of technology.

In the “Village Project”, I explore the self-governing municipalities in my home state of Salzburg, Austria. I created 360° photographs of 119 village centres with a topographical intention. With these spherical photographs, I fix the status quo of the villages and direct my attention to questions of to what extent these grown structures are transforming and how they contribute to the inhabitants’ identity.

The exhibition takes the form of a virtual three-dimensional installation. With VR glasses, the observer can travel virtually to the villages and direct their own path. This process closes the circle of a three-dimensional reality to a two-dimensional photographic image, which is transformed into a virtual three-dimensional representation. Furthermore, I created a comprehensive book publication, which showcases my project as a complete series and offers the viewer the opportunity compare the views.

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