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Shaimaa AlFarra

MA Interior Design
IDI Featured: 3D Design

I am Shaimaa Abdulsameea Alfarra, an architect designer, studying a master’s in interior design. I am also interested in photography. I like to travel a lot and visit historical and memorial buildings and landmarks to see the art of architecture and interior design. I like to design new and creative designs that serve the need of the users with mixing the modern style with old culture.

My MA project is about designing a happy enjoyable healthy sustainable and multi-functional café space areas. I think the cafes are important as they are out third place, and it can be used for many functions including having a cup of coffee with dessert, socializing, families or friends time, studying, working, having meetings, or just relaxing and have a nice time with great experience.

The areas of the café and functions of its spaces include: relaxing and socializing café area, main café area for multifunctions including studying, working, meeting, and enjoying coffee, server and bar area, art gallery area, kids area, pray area for women and men, and toilets.

The concept of the project is rainbow as I inspired by the colours and the light of it, I aimed to make the café spaces colourful to be happy and inviting spaces and affect people’s psychology positively.

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